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Everyone Has a Story to Tell.

Let us help you tell yours.

Your Faith. Your Story. Your Hope.

My Hope To You will help you create your faith story, so you can share it with those you love.
When you sign up, we'll provide you with a journal to help you write your story. Then you upload your photos and story into our interactive site. Lastly, you choose from the online database of reasons why Christianity is true (or write your own) to complete a full-color 52-page printed book. Order as many copies as you would like of the same version, or duplicate and personalize one for each person for whom you want to share your story.

Meet the Founders

How It Works

Step 1: Use the provided My Hope To You 28-Day Devotional Journal to begin writing your story.

Step 2: Use the interactive website to support your story with in-depth reasons for your faith. You can write your own reasons or use our database of pre-written reasons and apologetics to discuss the topics that are meaningful to you such as: why you believe in God as the creator, why you believe in the resurrection, why you attend church, and many more.

Step 3: Upload pictures to complement your story and complete your full-color book of up to 52 pages in length.

Step 4: Review your finished book and purchase as many additional copies as you'd like or duplicate and personalize it for each person for whom you want to share.

You will end up with a beautifully bound book, full of your personal stories and pictures of your life and faith walk — a true legacy piece to share with those you love.

(click on image to flip through sample book)


We are a faith-based ministry that seeks to provide these materials to all who want to engage regardless of availability of funds. The amounts below represent market value of goods and services. Anything given above this amount will be receipted as a donation. If you are not able to give the suggested amount just let us know what you can give. Anything given over the suggested amount will be tax deductible.


Our 28-day devotional journal designed to help you write your faith story.

“Questions to ponder before writing” document.

Access to the interactive website.

Access to database of reasons for you to include stating why you believe what you believe.

Shipping of journals included.



Engage with one of our writers to write your story using your completed journal (if available) and phone interview.

Email or call 616-834-0715 for details.


Send us your completed story, your reasons why you believe, your photos and our staff will assemble your faith book and send you a proof to review before publishing.

Email or call 616-834-0715 for details.


$45 per additional copy, same or personalized.
$40 each if you order 5 or more at the same time.


My Hope To You is an effort of the Joshua Outreach Group, a registered 501c3 non-profit organization. All contributions are 100% tax deductible. Your donation helps create and maintain the infrastructure of My Hope To You, keeping costs low so more people can afford to share their faith story.

If you'd like to donate by check, please contact us at

"I would love it if my parents and grandparents would write their faith story down...I would love to read it!"

-Mackenzie, age 25