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The birth of My Hope To You actually started decades ago. After a philosophy class at Hope and other events happening in my life, I began to have some serious doubts about my faith, etc. Even with these doubts I headed to Seminary at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School to obtain a masters in Counseling Psychology. It was while I was studying at TEDS that I took a couple of courses in Apologetics taught by Dr. William Lane Craig. These classes were awesome. I can be a thinking rationale person and still believe in God and his Son Jesus etc. This opened up a whole new world to me and I began my life-long passion of knowing what I believe and why.

It was about 4 years ago that my passion for apologetics and my career in printing merged. I was sitting in my office one day and all of a sudden I saw that with the current technology that exists it would be possible to economically print a faith/memory book that would be unique to the author as well as the recipient. It became clear to me that the Lord had put this on my heart and that I was to do all I could to see it become reality.

After sharing my crazy idea with my wife, she quickly and whole heartedly agreed that we need to see what the Lord might be calling us to do. We began to pray and then plan how to get this done.

About 18 months ago I shared the idea with Rob Stam of Navigate and he quickly caught the vision. He fully embraced the concept and together we began to develop the structure etc. It was also at this time that Rob encouraged us to bring in a writer and connected us with Greg Smith. Greg also caught the vision and in fact brought greater depth and structure to the program.

So this ministry is a product of many people’s hard work and God-given talent. Greg was fantastic to work with. Rob and the Navigate team have been a true blessing. This ministry would not have come into reality without their incredible talents and servant attitudes.

We are filled with Holy awe with what the Lord has done and we eagerly anticipate how he will use people’s stories of his amazing grace to touch the lives of those we love.

Merlin and Theresa Buhl

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